Chart of Flow

STEP #1:PP resin are extruded into PP fibers.
It is the first step to control the tensile strength of the fiber.


Extruding Machine

STEP #2:Extruded PP fibers are woven into the body fabric by flat or circular looms.

Circular Loom

STEP #3: Heavier PP fibers are woven into the belt with the different width as per the customer's request.

Webbing machine

STEP #4:In the view of the protection from moisture and sifting,the maximum width 200cm, 2 sides.
Coating thickness: outside coating:35 micron; inside coating:30 micron


STEP #5:Fabric panels are cut to the length to become the bag body and any customer required size.

Laser Cutting

STEP #6:All components are assembled by professional skilled operators.


STEP #7:Check up each bag before packing to ensure the cleanness and quality.


STEP #8: Bags are bound into bundles or pallets.


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