Conductive FIBC

Type C
Type D

Type C conductive (grounded) FIBCs are used to reduce to a safe and non-hazardous level the static electricity within the bag wall during the filling and/or discharging process. The risk involved during filling and/or emptying is safely avoided with grounded FIBCs.
• Made of specially designed Conductive fabrics with interwoven conductive yarns.
• Ground able FIBC with grounding tabs, to be earthed in order to dissipate the static electricity built up from Big Bag to the ground.
TYPE D: This is also a conductive big bag which does not need to be grounded. The bag discharges itself to the air. There are conductive tapes in the fabric. The resistivity of every Type D fabric roll is measured with a terra-ohmmeter and the resistivity of the Type D fabric is required to be more than 108ohms.


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